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Sarah seems to think I am good at summarizing books and history…

Can that be my job? Can I just make comical and crappily done sparknotes and spend the rest of my life making history and literature fun to high school students?

Is that an option?  Cuz that would be awesome.

"Bertha managed to escape her attic prison and was all 'set fire to the rain everything!!!' Then, in true form, she jumped off the roof.”


Robespierre was all ” Kill ALL the traitors!!!” and Danton was all “Killing the citizens will not bring you peace.” To which Robespierre replied “I do what I want!” and proceeded to kill everyone anyway.

At least that is my basic understanding of the Reign of Terror.

  1. sarahsupastar said: Seriously though. If you could find a way to make money from this you would be the happiest, most successfulest person ever.
  2. emir-dynamite said: Make sure to include the terms ‘flamewar’, ‘drama-llama’, and ‘googly eyes’ when describing the French Revolution. :P
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